Surviving Baby’s First Haircut

Surviving Baby’s First Haircut

If you haven’t gone through the milestone of your baby’s first haircut don’t fret we are here to help you survive the process.  Yes, it can be stressful for both you and the little one but here are some tips for surviving baby’s first haircut.

When to Cut

There is no hard and fast rule as to when your child needs their haircut.  Some get trims as early as 8 or 9 months old and others wait until their child is 5 or 6 years old before heading to the salon.  You pick a time that you and your child are ready.  That being said there are some signs that your baby may need a haircut.

  1. Hair in their eyes: If your child is bothered by having hair in their eyes all the time, it may be time for a trim.
  2. Hard to maintain: If your child has constant bed head or it takes forever to comb out because they hate when you do it then shorter hair might make life easier for all of you.
  3. Uneven hair growth: Kids’ hair can grow in all directions, with longer hair in the front with soft fuzz in the back.  A haircut can even it out and make it look better.

The First Trip to the Salon

The first trip to the salon or barbershop is stressful for a bunch of reasons.  Your child is expected to sit still while a stranger is coming at them with scissors.  Even the most well-behaved child can get scared and that is why you should prepare before you come in.  Make sure you schedule a time when your child is awake and not hungry or exhausted.  Small children get tired in late afternoons or evenings so schedule a time that works for them.  You might even try pretend haircuts at home to get them used to the idea or take them with you when you get a haircut so the whole thing is not unfamiliar to them.

While you’re at the salon try not to get stressed out, kids know when mom or dad is stressed and they become anxious too. Bring toys so they have something to do or even snacks to keep them in one place.  You may have to hold their hand and chat with them to help them sit still.  Take them to a stylist that specializes in cutting kids hair, they will be more patient and know how to make kids relax.  They may even have to get the first haircut sitting on your lap.

How to Take Care of Colored Hair

How to Take Care of Colored Hair

Getting color done is one of the most time-consuming and expensive services to get done at the salon, it stands to reason that you want your color to look good as long as possible.  Not to mention that color treatments can damage your hair if not properly cared for.  All of that being said here is how to take care of colored hair and keep it looking amazing.

Stay Out of the Sun

The sun isn’t just bad for your skin it is hard on hair color too and you don’t have the option of putting sunscreen on your hair.  It can cause hair color to fade making it look drab and flat.  You will see it first on the crown of your head since that is where the sun hits first.  So if you plan on spending a day at the beach do yourself a favor and grab a hat.

Deep Conditioning

There are a ton of hair care products on the market made just for colored hair but your hair still can get very dry.  If you regularly use tools like straighteners or curling irons then you want to deep condition your hair at least once a month.  You can even find deep conditioners for your specific hair color that will moisturize and help keep the color from fading.  If you don’t have the time or cannot afford to get a deep conditioning at a salon then here’s one that you can do at home.

Get a Trim

Coloring your hair is a contributor to split ends and they make your hair look terrible.  While using the right products can help minimize the damage nothing beats a good trim.  Regular haircuts keep your style looking fresh and if you want to keep your hair long just ask your stylist to take off half an inch or an inch at most.

Use Good Products

There is no shortage of products on the market for color-treated hair, from shampoos and conditioners to styling products.  All of them vary in quality and price so ask your stylist for a recommendation.  You may think that regular shampoo will work just fine, you don’t want to strip your hair of the moisture and color that makes it look good.

Don’t Color Too Often

Getting your hair colored and then having your roots done a couple of months later is perfectly fine.  Having black hair one week, stripping all of the color out to go platinum blonde the next week is going to turn your hair to straw.  That is something that you want to avoid.

Give your hair time to recover between treatments  and using the right products can have you looking spectacular all the time.